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About the CPA Ambassador Program

Launched in November 2003 by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in cooperation with state CPA societies, the CPA Ambassador Program offers members access to top-quality spokesperson training, as well as extensive background tools. Each CPA who participates in the program is trained on four critical message quadrants that will help reintroduce the CPA profession to the American public: In the Public Interest, Financial Literacy, Recruitment, and Small Business.  Support tools include prepared speeches, talking points, guidance on handling tough media questions, and briefings on related issues that dominate today's headlines.  CPAs will also have the opportunity to emphasize the CPA profession’s commitment to battling fraud, improving auditing standards and quality, and shoring up small businesses that represent the main economic engine of this country.

The CPA Ambassador Program aims to focus attention on the untold story and value of our profession, one community at a time.  Our goal is simple: to engage the talents of CPAs to help earn the good men and women of this profession their due.

By harnessing the passions, intelligence, and insights of CPAs around the country, we hope to drive community and business leaders, employers, legislators, and others to a fuller recognition and appreciation of the enduring value of the CPA.  Through community outreach, CPA Ambassadors can promote the profession’s depth of financial knowledge, underscore the AICPA and state societies’ effectiveness as advocates for the public interest, and refocus the spotlight on the profession so that it shines on the value and values of the CPA.