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“…There are 340,000 CPAs out there – we're working overtime, we're rolling up our sleeves and working with American businesses to help improve financial reporting, internal controls, corporate governance and fraud detection...”

“…Do you want a career that can find you helping people to achieve their fondest dreams or to fix a very difficult problem?...” “…Some of the people in our profession are actually involved with the FBI. Some people are business owners. Some people are financial planners. One thing about this profession -- it offers a key to going into other things…”

“…Financial literacy means that you can function on a daily basis in today's economy…” “…Financial literacy is the ability to identify and implement plans to help you achieve your financial goals and to make your financial future what you want it to be…”

“…Each day, every day, thousands of CPAs are doing it right…” “…What gives me the most pride about being a CPA is the ability to make a difference in the lives of those people that I work with…”

“… I can’t remember when I have received so much useful information in 8 hours. I only wish I had this training a week earlier. I would have made a better 10 minute presentation 3 days ago at a networking meeting. Next time I will be better prepared, thanks to this training. …”

-- As presented by AICPA and state CPA society members in the CPA Ambassador Program.